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Birth & Postpartum

Life changes so much during pregnancy and after birth, in some ways you expected and prepared for and in other ways you never imagined. It may seem like you should have it figured out or that the countless websites and books should be enough to support you and your baby. 

Let's say "no" together to the shoulds of new parent life. It's time to embrace your wants and needs.

You may be:

  • Struggling to implement boundaries you want with friends, family, or your partner

  • Finding yourself more depressed, rageful, or anxious than what is usual for you

  • Thinking thoughts that worry or scare you about yourself and/or your baby

  • Wondering if you are missing out on something everyone else feels about birth and being a parent

  • Discovering that you have mixed or complicated emotions about your pregnancy, birth or postpartum experience

  • Wanting space to talk about the changes you are going through, whether it’s excitement, inner peace, nervousness, fear or all of the above

  • A gender nonconforming or LGBTQIA+ person looking for a space where you feel heard, welcomed, and embraced.

How therapy can support you in birth and postpartum:

  • A space to process your birthing options with curiosity and openness

  • Tools to build your Self, your confidence and clarity around your wants and needs

  • A better understanding of how to anticipate mood changes so that you can more easily ask for comfort and self-soothe 

  • Free you from comparisons that keep you from enjoying your experiences as a parent

  • Decide when it’s time to enforce boundaries for you and your family’s well being

  • Navigate countless resources and discover what vibes with you

My Approach

I approach birth and postpartum from an individual and systems perspective. There are multiple interlocking systems that affect your perinatal care (before and after birth). Healthcare, employment, childcare, family support, and more shape the way you understand your preferences and can affect your access to help. With specialties in reproductive and perinatal mental health, I integrate my expertise on hormonal cycles, mood changes, and relationships to provide you with a restorative experience. Rest easy, the less that you explain in therapy and the more time you spend loving yourself, means that those precious minutes you get will be worth it.

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