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Who I Am

I’m a compassionate guide dedicated to improving the lives of teens and families. With a decade of service to youth in and out of the therapy space, my passion comes from the hundreds of young people who have opened up their inner world to me, to trust and receive wisdom, and to be kinder to themselves

As a therapist and administrator, I built mental health programs from the ground up, increasing access to support for thousands of middle and high schoolers. During my time working in schools, I learned that sometimes the simplest solutions applied consistently can be the most profound. With school and nonprofit partners, I created curriculum programs that addressed topics such as: emotions, substance use, peer relationships, communication, conflict resolution, self care, identity formation, and cultural pride.

I find that I work best with folks looking for a quick witted, goal-oriented, and approachable clinician. Someone who can weave through the many ups and downs of healing with ease. I don’t work in a silo. My support is robust and I take into careful consideration all the aspects of wellbeing. I believe in a whole-istic approach, that there are multiple ways to experience wholeness - through art, conversation, laughter or mindful presence - whatever floats your boat. 

I am a complete nerd with a sense of humor and artistic touch. I ground my work in developmental psychology, attachment theory, and neurobiology. This means that your teen is tended to with evidence based approaches that will stick with them for the long haul. What they learn in therapy will carry them into adulthood. As a team, we will usher your family into the confidence needed to launch a full-on human.

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Reasons We Fit

You don’t mind having a therapist with personality. You like to learn and feel engaged wholeheartedly in therapy.

You get that I need to cuss sometimes to relate to the young folks. You appreciate that I have lived experience working with youth and that I can explain mental health in a relatable way.

You’re open to truthful conversation that helps motivate you toward your personal goals.

You don’t always need answers, but you’re not afraid to ask questions.

You would be okay if what you needed was steps at a time and are not in a rush to make everything better all at once.

My Experience

Professional History

February 2021 to present

Private Practice

Building on my experiences in community mental health, I support individuals and families finding themselves in need of a conversationalist, a sounding board, and a guide to get them through life's ups and downs, with special interest in adolescence, family life, aging, and birth & postpartum. The framework I view therapy through is based in Internal Family Systems, neurology & brain development, attachment theory, and depth psychology. I combine practical tools with inner leadership to empower people on their life's journey.

October 2017 to May 2021

School-Based Mental Health

Dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of youth and families, I facilitated workshops and intervention programs, provided individual and group therapy, and collaborated with psychologists, school staff, and medical professionals. I launched mental health programs for three school districts serving middle and high school students. I trained and mentored over 30 therapists in youth development, trauma-informed care, cultural responsiveness, and multidisciplinary collaboration. I grew the organization from serving hundreds to thousands of students each year by creating technological solutions and maximizing service delivery efficiency.

September 2015 to September 2017

Social Services

Worked in social service settings serving individuals and families from underinvested communities including unsheltered folks and young children impacted by Child Welfare services. Trained in intensive case management, I coached hundreds of individuals, motivating toward goals for change. I supported healing from environmental traumas such as poverty, oppression, food insecurity and community violence.

Education & Training

Training in Psychotherapy

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Perinatal Mental Health Certified (PMH-C) through Postpartum Support International

  • Brainspotting

  • Internal Family Systems introductory course

  • Somatic Interventions and Social Justice

  • Crisis management and stabilization

Master's in Social Work, SDSU

With training in social service administration and direct people work, I took the university's first mentor & mentee program for social workers to new heights. Passionate about caring for helping professionals, I funded a conference highlighting the emotional and educational needs of social work students.

Sociology, UC San Diego

Minor in English literature. I worked for a co-op on campus and learned the beauty of what people can do together when there's equity in power. Graduate of the Chancellor's Undergraduate Diversity Learning Institute, the early years of my consciousness of how identity shapes our experiences were formed.

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