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Tweens & Teens

The stage of adolescence is more challenging than ever, from social media to academic competition to changes in social norms.

It makes sense to get help from a therapist when your tween or teen is in crisis.

Your family may be experiencing:

  • Worry or concern around your child’s emotions and behavior that keeps you up at night

  • Grief/loss of a loved one and having a hard time processing it

  • A sense that something is “off” and hitting a wall when you try to talk about it

  • Frequent arguments or disagreements that get in the way of feeling close to each other 

  • Feeling unsure about how to help when your child discloses things like cutting/self-harm, bullying at school, sexual identity, or wanting to die

  • A stage of transition - whether it’s moving, children growing up, or a sudden shift in relationships because of divorce, marriage, etc.

It can be overwhelming to think about going to therapy as a family or to find the right fit for your teen.

What if it makes things worse? It’s too much to carry already.

What if we can’t get on the same page? Everyone has a different opinion about how to move forward.

Will my teen open up? What if they don’t like going to therapy?

How therapy can support your child and your family:

  • Providing non-judgmental reflection on how individual and family relationships affect mental health

  • Giving dedicated time to discuss a pressing issue and get professional input

  • Learning to communicate in a way that demonstrates respect and love for one another

  • Identifying points of tension and strategies to resolve conflicts

  • Increasing a sense of cohesion and/or finding a middle ground

  • Developing values and feeling confident in who your child is and how they manage challenges in life

My Approach

I work from the approach that teens and families are affected by typical developmental stages in life and when given the tools and knowledge to understand one another, can experience a deeper sense of connection and enjoyment.

Family relationships are unique and carry a different weight from other relationships in life. When traction is made in a chosen family or family of origin, a profound sense of relief can be felt. I equip your family with communication and conflict resolution skills that can ease tension and clarify each family member’s role. When working individually with teens, I balance their privacy with inclusion of their chosen support. Teens thrive when they know that adults care and are consistent in that care. I am a part of your team!

A family is greater than the sum of its parts. When someone within the family is hurting, everyone hurts in one way or another. Having a space to reflect, listen, and learn from each other's experiences takes courage, and that courage is not without reward. You will get out what you put in with patience, communication, and understanding.

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