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Aging & Retirement

Whether it came unexpectedly or felt like a long process, you've made it to the part of life where your time becomes your own. And yet, what to do with this is escaping you. You know what's most important to you, but you're facing a decision or an impasse that's difficult to think your way through.

You may be experiencing:

  • Anxiety that is overwhelming your ability to cope

  • Feelings of sadness or loss about your past

  • A sense that something is “off” and hitting a wall when you try to talk about it

  • Frequent tension with family members, spouse, friends

  • Total shutdown and mind going blank when asked to describe how you're doing or what you're feeling

  • Feeling unmotivated to try new activities or engage socially

  • A desire to make a confident decision about retirement, your relationships, your living situation without worry of the unknown

It can be overwhelming to think about going to therapy especially if you've never tried it before. You may be wondering:

What do I talk about?

How do I prepare to share about sensitive things?

Am I going to have to go through every detail of my life to get help?

How therapy can support you in this stage of life:

  • Providing non-judgmental reflection on the factors that affect mental health in later life such as sleep, nutrition, and rest

  • Giving dedicated time to discuss a pressing issue and get professional input

  • Learning to communicate your needs with loved ones without guilt or hesitancy

  • Identifying simple ways to boost your mood and find life satisfaction

  • Increasing confidence in how you make decisions about your time

My Approach

I work from the approach that each person experiences aging differently and that by finding acceptance in the process, life becomes purposeful and enjoyable. By using therapeutic tools that focus on the present, I can help make change less scary and unfamiliar. Through values-driven action, we can create a plan for how you will experience more balance and compassion for yourself.

An individual is greater than the sum of their parts. Having a space to reflect, listen, and learn from your life's journey takes courage, and that courage is not without reward. You will get out what you put in with patience, commitment, and practice.

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